Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Current Forces - 2012

My name is Vargna and I've been playing and painting 40K for most of my life. I intend on using this mostly as motivation to myself to actually finish my various on the go projects but also because I thought it would be nice if more people could also see the things that I'm pouring so much time into, and hopefully help me to improve. My current plan is to post things such as my plans for army lists, what I think of units, maybe rough battle reports, and hopefully some project logs.

My first and largest army is Necrons, and I have since collected quite a few others, all of which in varying states of disrepair or incomplete:

  • Necrons - I recently decided to repaint all of my Necrons as I didn't have a unified paint scheme as they had just been painted as I went along and not very well (some were painted when I was 8!). I'm also working on converting some special characters and Lords at the moment.
  • Raven Guard Space Marines -  These are a fluffy force that unfortunately haven't seen the light of the battlefield yet! This is primarily down to lack of effort on my part to get what I have converted (where needed), built and painted. I'm missing a few of the components that I want for this force but what I have needs finishing.
  • Vampire Counts - My ongoing battle with these has lasted a long time now. I started them when the last codex came out, got a vampire model and some ghouls and every now and again decide I'm going to do them. That vampire model and those ghouls are still on my desk unassembled, along with some more ghouls and a large array of Mantic models for my undead hordes. With the new book coming out, I want to get them tabletop ready, and actually learn how to play Fantasy!
  • Tyranids - These were started because I loved both the size and look of the Trygon model. They are actually mostly painted and complete, with the exception of some warriors and genestealers as well as all the bases, but they don't get to see the light of day much. It's quite a small force (the Trygon Prime makes up a lot of the points) but it hasn't seen a lot of action on the tabletop, and takes a bit of a back seat especially to my new Necrons - they were only started to give me something else to play when I had gotten fed up of being phased out!
  • Chaos Demons - This consists of three models; a Demon Prince; a Forge World Herald of Khorne; and a recently acquired Soul Grinder. I have hopes for this eventually as a small lethal force, but its more for when I want to paint something completely different and because I really liked some of the models.

The next things to be painted will either be me finishing off some Necron Immortals (I use the 'classic' metal warriors as them), a Land Speeder Storm or the Soul Grinder (it just looks cool!) but first I have some exams to do before I can get properly dug in.

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