Thursday, 5 January 2012

Necron Warriors

Still think this looks appropriately intimidating...

These are the first forty or so of my Necron warriors. I'm not 100% sure how many I own in total now but I think it's around seventy - I use to favour playing a lethal warrior phalanx, using large squads all within range of a resurrection orb and they basically killed anything that got too close! They're being painted in two different colour schemes now, as I couldn't decide which I preferred between the silver and gold, and I've since made my own fluff for them (They come from twin tomb worlds).

Painting them involved successive drybrushes and a couple of washes, but they aren't quite finished:
I'd like to do something cool on the gauss bits and I think they could all do with a little bit more detailing, as well as the obvious lack of basing. Next time I'm painting some of these up I'll explain how I paint them, but if anyone has tips on how to make them look better, or scarier, then please comment!
Took about a fortnight to get these forty done -
even with getting my girlfriend to help me!

I enjoy scaring people by putting down large numbers of Necron Warriors, just to live up to the old "We are Legion" feel - that and people tend to be scared of a reanimating metal horde!  I do love the idea though of the maximum 120 Warriors now being doable in a 2000pt game (regardless of its actual usefulness) - 120 warriors is now only 1560pts, down from 2040pts, so you still have (some) points to spend on other things. Necron Warriors were the first models I bought and even if Immortals are now better troop choices,  their decrease in points cost just makes me want to add more of them - even more undead metal space skeletons must be good, right?


  1. I would love to fight a legion of Necrons! That must be a play to play as well. Do you have any battle reports using massed ranks? I am painting my Necron army right now, and love your idea of 100+ bodies on the table.

  2. It's brilliant! I haven't got any battle reports really atm, I don't get to play too often (there's no GW or gaming clubs near me...) but I'll be sure to write one up next time I use the Legion in force! Thanks for commenting :)

  3. Love that gold colour scheme, something different but really striking