Sunday, 18 March 2012

500 Point Necron Armies Pt 2

This is a continuation of my 500 point Necron lists. With the new codex and all the variation available, it really is outstanding – you can actually get any of the special characters you like into the list!

Barge Anrakyr:
Anrakyr the Traveller + Catacomb Command Barge
9 Immortals w/ tesla – Pyrrhian Eternals
10 Warriors

This list is quite small, but with Anrakyr flying about, stealing any big tanks that anyone else decides to take, or alternatively just smashing them open if they haven’t got any guns worth taking, it can do quite a bit of damage. The Immortal squad is great for holding objectives and packs quite a punch against other basic infantry – they should be able to actually kill IG or Tau troops thanks to the tesla and furious charge if necessary. The Warriors are again just for holding objectives, but is a nicer size at 10 men instead of 5 or 6 like in many of the lists.

Anrakyr the Traveller
9 Immortals w/ tesla – Pyrrhian Eternals
5 Immortals w/ Gauss
Annihilation Barge

500 Point Necron Armies Pt 1

What an improvement! Necrons now have choice in 500 point battles! In the old codex the 2 Troops 1 HQ ran you up 460pts, leaving you not enough to take anything particularly, and meaning you got absolutely slaughtered by most other armies who could take their elites in small points games. With the new codex though, you can get literally anything in, from a C’tan to a Doom Scythe, from a Monolith to Tomb Blades. I’ve had one list in particular serve me well recently – I’ll be posting a battle report soon in which it performs exceptionally – but it has been fun looking at what units can be fitted into a 500 point force. There’s quite a few of them so I’m splitting this across two posts.

Monolith List:
Overlord + Warscythe
Cryptek – HoD
5 Immortals w/ tesla
6 Warriors
1 Monolith

Now in this list the main hitting force is the Monolith. It can also potentially be a big threat by deep striking it in, and due to the smaller armies it is more likely to be able to get nearer without hitting enemy models. It can also be very useful in teleporting the other units to itself, allowing you to suddenly have many more shots coming from wherever it is. I have had reasonable successes in this list running the Cryptek as a ‘court of one’ instead of having him join a unit. It means that although he is fragile, it’s easy to get him a cover save from terrain and it means he can be firing at whatever he needs to without worrying about the unit. The tesla can be swapped on the Immortals but I prefer the extra range and hits especially against models that were going to get armour saves either way, and the Warscythe just gives the Overlord extra punch.

This and Tomb Blades are the models I'm most
looking forward to for the second wave.

Sunday, 11 March 2012

What have I been working on?

While I've been unable to post for just over a month now unfortunately, I have still managed to get a few hobby related things done and hope to get posts up over the week on them. 

First, I painted up a Ultramarine. I've decide that I'm going to try to paint all the first founding Space Marine chapters up just for fun and because it'll let me work on some skills and using colours I don't usually use. Next up is likely a Salamander if I can get the bits I want for him.

 I've also spent quite some time experimenting with 500 point Necron lists. Many of my friends enjoy low point games and within the old Necron codex, there was so little variation that they weren't really any fun. With the new one, I can squeeze anything from a Monolith to Tomb Blades in a 500 point army - which is much more fun, so I'll post an article up on the various lists and observations I've been making on low point Necron armies. 

Finally, though it won't have pictures, I've got a brief battle report of a 3-way 500 points a side battle between Necrons, Dark Eldar and Orks. Let's just say it went rather well for the Necrons involved. One of my friends has just started Grey Knights and while it will certainly be interesting, I am struggling to understand why they are so over powered for their points cost. I mean for three points more per model over a standard tactical marine you instead get a force weapon and a stormbolter instead of a boltgun, as well as Hammerhand. How is that balanced? My current plan for dealing with them consists of a tag team of destroyers for anyone in power armour and some wraiths to deal with things like paladins, and otherwise maxing out on the tesla weapons - make them role enough dice and they're bound to fail some!

Anyone got any tips for dealing with Grey Knights using Necrons, or any other army?