Monday, 16 January 2012

C'tan in White Dwarf

Just got this months White Dwarf and in amongst all the lovely Vampire articles, there is some Necron Tactica by Matt Ward - and more interesting than that a extract called "Crafting your C'tan", including a list of named C'tan:

"You should always feel free to mix and match C'tan powers as you see fit - the Shards are creatures of godlike ability and can pretty much do whatever they want. However, if you want to pick powers fitting for specific C'tan, I'd recommend the following:
Mephet'ran, the Deceiver - Grand Illusion, Swarm of Spirit Dust
Aza'gorod, the Nightbringer - Gaze of Death, Transdimensional Thunderbolt
Iash'uddra, the Endless Swarm - Swarm of Spirit Dust, Writhing Worldscape
Og'driada, the Arisen - Pyreshards, Sentient Singularity
Tsara'noga, the Outsider - Transdimensional Thunderbolt, Time's Arrow
Yggra'nya, the Shaper - Moulder of Worlds, Writhing Worldscape
Nyadra'zatha, the Burning One - Lord of Fire, Pyreshards
Mag'ladroth, the Void Dragon - Entropic Touch, Sentient Singularity
Llandu'gor, the Flayer - N/A, He's been completely destroyed!"

I have one of these that I never got round to even building and I'm thinking
 of making him up to look as intimidating as possible *cough* made out of fire *cough*
I'm mostly posting this because I thought it was interesting and Necron players who don't get White Dwarf might find it interesting (I would have missed it if I hadn't have picked it up for the Vampire articles). For me the most interesting ones are "The Void Dragon" and "The Outsider", the 'other two' C'tan that we had heard about previously, supposedly the only four left along with The Nightbringer and the Deceiver before the new codex changed the fluff - it's nice to see what GW (or at least Matt Ward) thinks are appropriate abilities for them out the options in the new codex. I would still love to see more C'tan models from GW, or even better would be some from Forge World (like the Eldar Avatars), although I'd also love to see some FW rules for Super-Heavy C'tan Shards for Apocalypse games.

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  1. The examples of possible C'tan is very interesting. Quite a few I hadn't heard of.

    Thanks for the article, good read!