Sunday, 8 January 2012

First game with the new Necron Codex

I recently played my first game with the new Necron codex; it was a doubles match and my team consisted of 1500pts of Necrons and 1000pts of Dark Eldar, against 1500pts of Orks and 1000pts of Eldar. In hindsight, neither of us were prepared to deal with the Orks as we were under the impression we were fighting either Vanilla Marines or IG alongside the Eldar.
I think this may be my next Necron purchase -
It's a lovely model anyway but the night fighting is just brilliant!
Now, if only there was another character that could give units Night Vision...

Anyway, we held them at bay, some elements did better than others and I learnt some weaknesses elements of my codex have (The Monolith does not survive as long as it used to, and 20 odd powerklaw attacks will break it), and questions that need to be answered (How does entropic strike work against units of vehicles, e.g. Killa Kans?). Possibly the best thing was the Stormlord's night fighting (even if I did forget to do the lightning strikes until turn 3...). It stopped the Eldar Fire Prism and Support Weapons, as well as the Ork 10 man unit of Deffguns from doing any damage all game!

This is the list, please comment with advice on improvements - like I said, I've only played one game with them! Imotekh was in with the Immortals and the Overlord was with a unit of Warriors (and killed the Deff Dread that charged them in one go - yay for Warscythes!):

Imotekh the Stormlord - 225
Overlord W/ Warscythe, Ressurrection Orb - 130
Royal Court 1:
Cryptek - HoS1 W/ Lightning Field - 35
Cryptek - HoD1 - 35
Cryptek - HoS2 - 25
Royal Court 2:
Cryptek - HoE1 W/ Chrometron - 40
Cryptek - HoD2  - 35
Cryptek - HoS3 - 25

15 Warriors W/ HoS2 & HoD2 - 195
15 Warriors W/ HoS3 & HoD1 - 195
10 Immortals W/ HoS1 & HoE1 - 170

Fast Attack:
6 Scarab Swarms - 90
6 Scarab Swarms - 90

Heavy Support:
Monolith - 200

Total - 1490pts

I'd quite like to try out some Lychguard, and am thinking of using Nemesor Zahndrekh and Vargard Obyron next game - any tips on using these?


  1. Ah I see so your going with the idea that you can have one from either royal court in your squads. I'm interested if that will get FAQ'd. Personally I think the Stormlord may be a little expensive points wise for 1500 so possibly dropping him down to a regular Overlord maybe Zahndrekh as he is cool. Everything else I like, maybe try out Scarab spawning with some Spyders or try out a couple of Annihilation Barges in place of the Monoltih just to give that a try. Also Mindshackle Scarabs on your Overlord is totally worth it take it man.

  2. Thanks for commenting! Yeah, I reasoned it could make sense in the fluff (if two Overlords didn't trust each other, it would make sense they would both send out their Royal Courts to keep an eye on things...) plus it's fun! I'm saving using Scarab swarming tactics until I play my friend with his multiple Land Raiders and Razorbacks... I only have a limited number of people in my area to play against, so I like to save surprises like that :P The armies we were playing were primarily infantry anyway.

    I'll definitely take up your recommendation the Mindshackle Scarabs, and I'll make sure to try out the Annihilation Barges too soon :) Have you used Lychguard yet in any battles? If so, how do they fare?
    Thanks for reading!

  3. That is fair enough to save that kind of surprise for when it is needed haha.

    Not tried out the Lychguard yet but I think they will do well but they are expensive but I think stuck with one of your Overlords they could be excellent. Give them a try for me and tell me what you think.

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