Sunday, 11 March 2012

What have I been working on?

While I've been unable to post for just over a month now unfortunately, I have still managed to get a few hobby related things done and hope to get posts up over the week on them. 

First, I painted up a Ultramarine. I've decide that I'm going to try to paint all the first founding Space Marine chapters up just for fun and because it'll let me work on some skills and using colours I don't usually use. Next up is likely a Salamander if I can get the bits I want for him.

 I've also spent quite some time experimenting with 500 point Necron lists. Many of my friends enjoy low point games and within the old Necron codex, there was so little variation that they weren't really any fun. With the new one, I can squeeze anything from a Monolith to Tomb Blades in a 500 point army - which is much more fun, so I'll post an article up on the various lists and observations I've been making on low point Necron armies. 

Finally, though it won't have pictures, I've got a brief battle report of a 3-way 500 points a side battle between Necrons, Dark Eldar and Orks. Let's just say it went rather well for the Necrons involved. One of my friends has just started Grey Knights and while it will certainly be interesting, I am struggling to understand why they are so over powered for their points cost. I mean for three points more per model over a standard tactical marine you instead get a force weapon and a stormbolter instead of a boltgun, as well as Hammerhand. How is that balanced? My current plan for dealing with them consists of a tag team of destroyers for anyone in power armour and some wraiths to deal with things like paladins, and otherwise maxing out on the tesla weapons - make them role enough dice and they're bound to fail some!

Anyone got any tips for dealing with Grey Knights using Necrons, or any other army?

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