Sunday, 18 March 2012

500 Point Necron Armies Pt 1

What an improvement! Necrons now have choice in 500 point battles! In the old codex the 2 Troops 1 HQ ran you up 460pts, leaving you not enough to take anything particularly, and meaning you got absolutely slaughtered by most other armies who could take their elites in small points games. With the new codex though, you can get literally anything in, from a C’tan to a Doom Scythe, from a Monolith to Tomb Blades. I’ve had one list in particular serve me well recently – I’ll be posting a battle report soon in which it performs exceptionally – but it has been fun looking at what units can be fitted into a 500 point force. There’s quite a few of them so I’m splitting this across two posts.

Monolith List:
Overlord + Warscythe
Cryptek – HoD
5 Immortals w/ tesla
6 Warriors
1 Monolith

Now in this list the main hitting force is the Monolith. It can also potentially be a big threat by deep striking it in, and due to the smaller armies it is more likely to be able to get nearer without hitting enemy models. It can also be very useful in teleporting the other units to itself, allowing you to suddenly have many more shots coming from wherever it is. I have had reasonable successes in this list running the Cryptek as a ‘court of one’ instead of having him join a unit. It means that although he is fragile, it’s easy to get him a cover save from terrain and it means he can be firing at whatever he needs to without worrying about the unit. The tesla can be swapped on the Immortals but I prefer the extra range and hits especially against models that were going to get armour saves either way, and the Warscythe just gives the Overlord extra punch.

This and Tomb Blades are the models I'm most
looking forward to for the second wave.

Overlord + Warscythe
5 Warriors
5 Warriors
5 Deathmarks
1 Doom Scythe

I haven’t had a chance to use this yet but I do really want to. In a 500 point game I think the hitting power and manoeuvrability of the Doom Scythe will be extreamly useful, and it should be able to wipe practically anything off the board. Hopefully, due to the low points there won’t be too much anti-tank, so while it is fragile it might survive longer than it normally would. The Deathmarks are again for taken out tough targets, and ultimately are to be used for taking down anti-tank infantry or monstrous creatures. The Overlord and Warriors are just for sitting on an objective and shooting at anything that comes too close.

When you see it is when the C'tan starts doing it's job.
Overlord + Warscythe
5 Warriors
8 Warriors
C’tan Shard – Pyreshards and Moulder of Worlds

This is mostly for the psychological damage of fielding a C’tan in 500 points – in the old codex they never really reared their heads until 1500 – 2000 point battles. It’s also a monstrous creature with a 4++ save, and has plenty of firepower as well with 8 S4 shots and a S4 Large Blast in 18”. I’m not too sure how well this is actually going to work but I might try it soon just for fun. If anyone has any tips on another way of building a low point C’tan list please let me know in the comments.


  1. I've attempted to run something similar to the last list just yesterday and the C'Tan is horribly hit and miss and I think it is quite frankly too hard to get a consistent use out of. Pyreshards made a mess of the orks I played against but against the Tau, they just jump back in their Devilfish and laugh. It's too slow to get where it needs to be to hurt a mechanised army which was all the rage yesterday. All the Space Marine players ran Razorbacks, the DE had the Ravagers and Raiders and the Tau covered the table with Hammerheads and Devilfish. Orks were the only game that it managed to utilise the full power, and even then, a couple of power klaws make a mess of one way too fast.

  2. Schweiss Kawamura1 September 2012 at 03:58

    For the C'tan list at first I tought i could use the Cryptek as HQ until a friend told me Crypteks are only part of Royal Court. Anyway here is the list I'm using for c'tan.

    Overlord (HQ) 90 points
    Cryptek 25 points
    *Harbinger of Destruction 10 points
    5x Necron Warriors 65 points
    5x Necron Warriors 65 points
    C'Tan Shard 185 points
    *Pyreshard 15 points
    *Dimensional Thunderbolt 45 points
    500 points

    Just getting the necessary HQ + Troops, Cryptek with Eldritch Lance STR8 AP2 to destroy tanks or vehicles and C'tan to do all the job Pyreshard = Anti Infantry and Thunderbolt anti vehicles.

    For melee just go with his natural STR7 4Attks