Sunday, 18 March 2012

500 Point Necron Armies Pt 2

This is a continuation of my 500 point Necron lists. With the new codex and all the variation available, it really is outstanding – you can actually get any of the special characters you like into the list!

Barge Anrakyr:
Anrakyr the Traveller + Catacomb Command Barge
9 Immortals w/ tesla – Pyrrhian Eternals
10 Warriors

This list is quite small, but with Anrakyr flying about, stealing any big tanks that anyone else decides to take, or alternatively just smashing them open if they haven’t got any guns worth taking, it can do quite a bit of damage. The Immortal squad is great for holding objectives and packs quite a punch against other basic infantry – they should be able to actually kill IG or Tau troops thanks to the tesla and furious charge if necessary. The Warriors are again just for holding objectives, but is a nicer size at 10 men instead of 5 or 6 like in many of the lists.

Anrakyr the Traveller
9 Immortals w/ tesla – Pyrrhian Eternals
5 Immortals w/ Gauss
Annihilation Barge

Less manoeuvrable but with the bonus of the Annihilation Barge’s killing power, Anrakyr will still take control of any vehicles that get too close and will add his hitting power to his Eternals. The other Immortal Squad add plenty of shots while they sit on an objective and will slice through anything not in power armour or better. Finally this list has the beautiful Annihilation Barge. Depending on who you’re fighting will depend whether the Gauss Cannon or Tesla Cannon is needed for the under slung gun, but more importantly is the S7 Heavy 4 Tesla Destructor on the top. For 90 points it hits pretty hard.

I can't express how amazing these have been for me.

Tomb Blades:
Overlord + Warscythe
5 Warriors
5 Warriors
5 Tomb Blades – Nebuloscopes and Shadowlooms
Annihilation Barge

This list has the 5 Tomb Blades with whichever gun is appropriate (depending on if having an AP will help or not) with BS5 and Stealth. Turn one they’ll turbo-boost for a 2+ cover save and to get wherever they want to be for turn two – when they start flying around and killing things. The Annihilation Barge is in this list for the same as in the above list. Between the BS5 on the Tomb Blades and the twin-linked on the Annihilation Barge’s main gun, many of your important shots should be hitting and you should be able to do significant sums of damage to any unit you like.

Annihilation Barges:
Overlord + Warsycthe
2 Annihilation Barges
7 Immortals w/ tesla
6 Immortals w/ tesla

This is the list that has been performing incredibly for me recently. With two front AV13 vehicles pumping out 8 S7 tesla shots and 4 S5 AP 3 shots, they can kill pretty much whatever they like. By having the Immortals with tesla, they can move about and still shoot and should get some extra dice from the tesla ability. This performs amazingly against lots of armies as they effectively have a 30” range – enough to keep out of the way of the marines coming towards you and still shoot them to pieces – as well as getting the extra tesla shots against hordes, and being S5 means they wound quite a bit. I’ll post up the battle report soon in which this list performs brilliants against 500 points of Orks and another 500 of Dark Eldar.

So there you have it, my many 500 point lists. Some of them I have tried to varying successes but all in all, I think Necrons are going to be pretty lethal at 500 points now. Being able to squeeze any unit or character you like into the army allows plenty of surprises and reanimation protocols is very useful when you only have 10-15 models on the board! Please comment with any thoughts or feelings on these lists or anything else that has been working well for you!

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  1. Anrakyr is an interesting idea. I've had good success with something like your last list except exchanging one annhilation for a command barge. A warscythe on a chariot is just too good for me to pass up! Also, scarabs have worked as decent anti-tank for me in low point games. I just had to learn the hard way not to over extend them.