Thursday, 2 February 2012

Imperial Fist Sergeant

This is Sgt. Sienos of the Imperial Fists. I painted him up partially to give myself practice of painting yellows, and also as one of my friends is starting Imperial Fists, to help him out. Unfortunately I couldn't get a hold of a camera to do WIP shots, but here he is finished. Please comment and let me know your thoughts!

The yellow was done over a white spray, with three thinned coats of Iyanden Darksun. This was washed with multiple coats of Gryphonne Sepia, before being highlighted with light drybrushing of Iyanden Darksun, and varying mixes of Iyanden Darksun and Dheneb Stone (roughly 3:1, 2:1, 1:1, 1:2 but it wasn't exact). This was washed again with the sepia wash, and some Devlan Mud sparingly in recesses. Again this was highlighted up a little with the same mixes.

The black power fist was based in 2:1 Adeptus Battlegrey: Chaos Black. Then, I used Adeptus Battlegrey to highlight, before giving a heavy Badab Black wash. Edges were highlighted with the Battlegrey again to define them more. This was also applied to the chest Aquila, part of his backpack and his belt.

For the metals, I used Boltgun Metal followed by Gryphonne Sepia wash, and on everything except the bolt pistol, a Devlan Mud wash. Detail was picked out again with a drybrushing of Boltgun again.

For the other details: the skulls were simply Dheneb Stone, followed by a Gryphonne Sepia and then a Devlan Muf wash. The bolt pistol casing was Dark Angels Green, with smaller and smaller lines painted in mixes of 1:1 and 1:2 with Dheneb Stone in a marble effect, which was washed with Thraka Green to tie it together; this was also applied to the laurels, and all bar the wash to the eyes.

Finally, the tactical squad symbol and Imperial Fist insignia were (badly) free handed. I have tried and failed repeatedly on free handing my Raven Guard symbols but after about forty minutes, I managed to get this fist symbol to turn out not too bad.

He was mostly done for a bit of Fun and a chance to paint colours I don't usually paint. I was going for a "grim, dark future" aesthetic with him rather than a really bright look. And I should have the next update on the Soul Grinder soon; I did work on the lower chassis but seriously didn't like it so I restarted the metalwork again, but I'm liking it more now. If anyone can help me with how to paint verdigris, or point me towards a good guide, please comment! Also, for I'm thinking of trying out non-metallic metal painting in the near-ish future: if anyone knows any good guides please don't hesitate to let me know! Thanks for reading!


  1. I think he looks good for a yellow model which can be tough to pull off sometimes. He's not too bright... the only thing is some of the texture created by the paint can make some of the smooth armour plates a little tough to read visually.

    As for verdigris, try a 1:1 mix of DA Green and Hawk Turquoise watered down and allowed to flow into the recessed areas.
    Ron, From the Warp

  2. Thanks for the constructive criticism Ron - I agree that some of the texture on the plates was lost looking back so I'm going to work on that a bit more next time I'm painting something like this. I really love your blog, it means a lot to me that you've taken the time to read this. And thanks very much for the help with verdigris, I'll be sure to give that a try on my Soul Grinder very soon!

  3. Thanks for sharing your stuff and thanks for the kind words about FTW. If you're like me each model you paint is a stepping stone to getting better at painting overall.

    Ron, From the Warp